SystemRoMedic: Eva600EE Lift (Eva600EE)

SystemRoMedic: Eva600EE Lift

SystemRoMedic: Eva600EE Lift

SystemRoMedic: Eva600EE Lift
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Extra strong and safe, for heavier users


Eva600EE is a versatile mobile patient lift for all lifting situations, especially for heavier users weighing up to 270 kg/600 lbs. When used with Handicare's functional and easy-to-use SystemRoMedic™ lifting accessories, Eva600EE is the right choice for lifting in connection with transfers to and from the floor, chair or bed, as well as for horizontal lifting and gait training.

Special version with low legs

Eva600EE is also available in a special version with low legs for use with lower beds.


Both variants of Eva600EE are supplied complete and ready to use, fitted with a wider sling bar (600 mm/23.6"), providing a more open sling which is ideal for larger users, and a hand control.


  • Extra strong and stable, SWL 270 kg/600 lbs
  • Aluminium for low weight – easy to manoeuvre
  • Mast adjustable to three height positions – large lifting range
  • Height-adjustable handle bars – comfortable and ergonomic working positions
  • Stable aluminium sling bar with reliable safety latches
  • Wider sling bar providing a more open lifting sling - ideal for larger users
  • Available with regular height or low legs for use with lower beds
  • Encapsulated twin castors – easy rolling and maintenance-free
  • The special version with low legs is fitted with double front castors with a diameter of 35 mm/1.4"
  • Electrical base widening
  • Electrical emergency stop button readily available on the control box
  • Electrical and manual emergency lowering
  • High capacity battery with long service life
  • Built-in charging
  • Quick guide on the lift
  • Many accessories for safe, easy and individually adapted lifting of users

Both variants of Eva600 comply with requirements of the Medical Devices Directive for Class 1 products (MDD93/42/EEC).


Art. No. Product name Description Unit

60100003 Eva600EE Max 270 kg/ 600 lbs, aluminum, castor size Ø 100 mm/ 3.9” 

60100010 Eva600EE With low legs  Max 270 kg/ 600 lbs, aluminum, castor size front 2 x Ø 35 mm/ 1.4”, rear Ø 100 mm/ 3.9”

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