6 September 2017 


To our valued partners 

Medix21 are very excited to announce Handicare as its new partner in patient handling. Handicare is one of the global leaders in the accessibility and patient handling markets, its product family includes the SystemRoMedic brand. This partnership effectively commences today. 


Medix21 will be dealing exclusively with the Handicare brands and has ended its relationship with Joerns (Oxford brand). We will however support any in-market issues with Oxford hoists until a clear path is found with their new arrangements. 


Partnering Handicare is a huge opportunity for Medix21 to expand its product offering and for our valued partners to be well supported by a world leading brand with excellent products and resources. As well as gaining an incomparable range of mobile hoists, Medix21 is excited to launch a comprehensive range of transfer aid products. Overall the range of products deal comprehensively with patient handling requirements in lifting, transfer, positioning and support. 


We are looking forward to working with you with Handicare products. Medix21 affirms its commitment to seek innovative quality assistive technology and supply it with that excellent service. As solution partners, we want to best assist our shared stakeholders in making everyday life easier

We are keen to talk with all of our valued partners.


If you would like further information please give David Rogan a call on 0408 869666. 




We know there will be questions surrounding this announcement and we hope to have answered them in this simple Q & A here